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Server systems are computer systems that perform data processing, storage, communication and other tasks. Essentially, they are designed to serve multiple users or clients over the network.

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Storage Systems

Storage systems refer to technological solutions used to store, manage and access digital data. They usually consist of hardware, software and network components

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Software Solutions


IP Switchboard (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange - IP PBX) is a telephone switchboard system that enables voice communication and data communication to be managed via internet protocol.

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PDKS-Personnel Attendance Control System

Personnel attendance control system is a system used in workplaces to record the entry and exit times of employees and to track absenteeism and working hours.

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Access Control Systems

Access control systems are security systems designed to control people's access to a specific area. These systems may use biometric devices such as card readers, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition systems, or methods such as PIN codes to meet physical security needs.

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Cafeteria Passage and Tracking System

Cafeteria Access and Tracking System is a system designed to regulate and monitor cafeteria usage, generally used in educational institutions, workplaces and large organizations.

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Car Park Pass and License Plate Reading Systems

Car park access and license plate reading systems are technological systems that automate the entry and exit of vehicles into parking lots and provide access control by recognizing license plates.

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Ziyaretçi Takip Sistemi

Visitor tracking system is a technological solution that manages visitor flow and increases security by tracking the entrances and exits of an organization.

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Network Solutions


Network systems are a set of structures and technologies that enable various electronic devices to communicate with each other.

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Security Solutions


A firewall is a security system or software that protects a network or device against unwanted access and threats from external sources such as the internet.

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CCTV-Closed Circuit Security Systems

The image depicts a high security monitoring centre. A professional security guard carefully monitors multiple monitors containing live camera footage from different areas of a facility.

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