We are the Leader in Technology for all our customers, since 2011 we have helped them to improve their Projects.

Our Actions Speak...

Teknoskop was created to help solve some of Technology's toughest problems. We do the important work of our users by backing them with a commitment to science, sustainability, society, education, research and positive change.

Our Values

As we evolve to meet new challenges and address new opportunities, our roots are planted in the values we established in 2011.


Today, Teknoskop ICT Solutions are used in more than 650 organizations, including powerful corporations and the public.

User Centric

We are committed to serving our users and customers. We seek to deeply understand their challenges and opportunities and work together on viable solutions.

Research Oriented

We spend more than 15% of our annual revenue on R&D. This is how far we believe we have come to shape the future and future of information systems.

let's study together!

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